Shelf Connector

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A shelf connector quickly expands storage options around the house and improves the functionality of existing shelving units. With ease, they connect two shelves at the same height and increase a home's organization.

By connecting shelves in the kitchen, owners may hang pots, pans, utensils and aprons from walls. In the bedroom, closet storage is maximized and customized based on the user's wardrobe size and unique storage needs. Playroom sorting is made easy with multiple shelves on the wall or in the storage closet. Tools, vehicle maintenance supplies and sporting goods remains sorted and within easy reach thanks to shelf connection in the garage. Attics and basements are easy to organize with multiple shelves that sort everything from heavy comforters to seasonal decorations.

Users may also implement these essential accessories as sturdy and functional hooks. They simply attach to existing wire shelves where they hold pots, cooking utensils, clothing,umbrellas and towels.

Each shelf connection is made in the USA from high quality zinc. Two connectors are required per shelf. With shelf connection accessories, shelving units increase in functionality and versatility all over the house.