Garage Storage

Do you feel as if your garage has suddenly become the disorganized storage unit that is conveniently attached to your house? Perhaps you revel in your garage's state of disarray, but have begun to notice that mice and other rodents are slowly moving in? If you find yourself nodding in agreement, then you are in need of a garage storage solution. 

Purchasing a garage storage unit can help you to reclaim your garage. Keeping yard tools, such as snow blowers, rakes, weed wackers, and other gardening tools off of the ground can help to improve the longevity of these products. Storing fertilizer, mulch, and other chemical products on garage shelving units can help to eliminate spills, reduce garage clutter, and keep rodents out of your abode.

Garage storage units are meant to take a bit of wear and tear. As such, when it comes to purchasing garage shelves you should look for a product that is sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and sure to stand the test of time. Buying the correct garage storage solution will go a long way towards creating an organized garage that is rodent free, easy to navigate, and offers more storage space than a cluttered "storage unit that is conveniently attached to your home."

Two basket shelves included with this unit make it versatile for any purpose.

4 Shelf - 18" X 48" X 74"